State of the art Biofuel Technology

Below are some websites that may be of interest to people looking to produce or use biodiesel. If you think a site should be on here but isnt then please contact us



HMRC website. Outlines the current regulations regarding biodiesel taxation in the UK.

Biodiesel Filling Stations UK


The website is currently looking for a new owner but continues to provide a regional map with biodiesel producer listings and contact details for the listed producers.

Journey to Forever


The Journey to forever website is a very useful site for the home biodiesel producer It now has had over 70 million hits!


Offer a similar service to Biodiesel Filling stations with listings of biodiesel producer and contact details for retailers around the UK

British Government Biodiesel Statistics


For official government information on biodiesel use in the UK. Outlines the renewable fuels obligation within the UK.

The US National Biodiesel Board


A Useful source of general biodiesel information including what it is and how it is produced. Also gives information of producers based in the US.


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