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We offer a range of filtration systems suitable for use with biodiesel, as well as used cooking oil.

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The most popular system is the PBH bag filtration system (see image below)
  • Polypropylene housing
  • Supplied with Viton o-ring
  • Ideal for filtration rates in the order of 100 litres / min
  • PBH-410 (10" housing) rated for pressures upto 6.9 bar
  • PBH-420 (20" housing) rated for pressures upto 6.2 bar
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*Polypropylene hosetails shown optional

  • 10" housing (shown left) & 20" housings available                          Buy online
  • For temperatures upto 38°C - can also be used for cold filtration
  • Available with either 1" or 1½" NPT ports
  • Very inexpensive filter bags: (Click here for performance data)

1-200 micron polypropylene felt (BP) - 1 micron recommended for biodiesel filtration


50-800 micron washable nylon mesh (BN) - 100 micron recommended for UCO straining

Industrial biodiesel filtration systems
Size 2 stainless steel bag filtration housing

Size 2 housing (shown left)

  • 316L stainless steel housings with protective poly coat
  • Band clamp closure
  • Viton gasket & seal
  • Temperatures upto 120°C
  • Pressures upto 10 bar
  • Flow rates upto 680 litres per minute (180 US GPM)
  • Standard 2" NPT inlet / oulet ports
  • Housing size 8" width 46" height (203mm x 1168mm)
  • Bag size 7" x 32" (178mm x 813mm)
Also available
  • Centrifugal separators for UCO / glycerol / water separation
  • Vacuum distillation and RO waste water reprocessing
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