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Complete biodiesel processing systems                                   
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- State-of-the-art complete biodiesel processing systems

- Compliant with all recognised safety standards (eg. ATEX)

- Produce biodiesel to all recognised fuel standards (eg. EN 14214, ASTM 6751)

- Custom built to individual specifications

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Biofuel Systems was one of the very first companies to manufacture and supply biodiesel processing systems. Our systems have evolved and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Always built to the customer's exact requirments, these are the finest biodiesel processors available.

Typical process comprises:

  • Used cooking oil (UCO) pre-treatment - filtration & water removal
  • Automated titration - determination of free fatty acid (FFA) level
  • Acid esterification of high FFA feedstock with concomitant removal of co-produced water - conversion of FFAs into biodiesel esters
  • Transesterifacation reaction - optimum conditions ensure maximum yield in shortest possible time-scale
  • Centrifugal separation of crude biodiesel light phase and glycerol heavy phase
  • Regenerable ion-exchange resin system to purify biodiesel
  • Methanol recovery with deisiccant drying
  • Further purification and desiccation of biodiesel
  • Automated additive dosing
  • Final filtration / polishing
  • Finished biodiesel to EN 14214 / ASTM 6751 standard

+/- Optional purification module - Glycerol co-product to USP specification

Biodiesel fuel - BS EN 14214
Highest quality biodiesel fuel available for UK delivery. Manufactured to BS EN 14214 standard from recovered vegetable oils.
Biodiesel Additives


Biodiesel cold flow additives
The Wintron® range of cold flow biodiesel additives - the most effective biodiesel antigel agents available. Reduce the pour point (PP) and cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of biodiesel fuels
Wintron biodiesel cold flow antigel additives
Wintron® XC30

Wintron® XC30 - the original broad spectrum pour point depressant. Lowest cost and effective for the widest range of biodiesel fuels (B100) as well as biodiesel blends. Typical treat rate 0.1% - 2% v/v

Wintron® XC40
Wintron® XC40 - specially formulated for biodiesel produced for rapeseed and soy oil - the most common feedstocks used in Europe and North America. Very low treat rate: 0.3% will reduce the pour point to below -35°C and cold filter plugging point to less than -10°C
Wintron Synergy®
Wintron Synergy® - Potent stand-alone CFPP improver for used cooking oil and rapeseed oil biodiesel. Can also work synergistically with Wintron® XC30 and XC40 to further reduce pour point of some types of biodiesel.
  Click here for more information about the Wintron® range of biodiesel cold flow additives  
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Biodiesel antioxidants
  Oxidation of biodiesel is a big problem. Unlike mineral diesel biodiesel is perishable and starts to oxidise as soon as it has been produced. It reacts with atmospheric oxygen to produce volatile compounds, corrosive carboxylic acids and polymerised cross-linked biodiesel gums that can damage diesel engine components. Already certain fuel pump OEMs have withdrawn their warranties for high percentage / B100 biodiesel because of the damage caused by these gums and residues. These are not due to biodiesel itself or material compatibility issues - the problems are caused by the biproducts of oxidation
    Baynox and Baynox Plus are biodiesel antioxidants that prevent the premature oxidation of unsaturated biodiesel esters and hence prevents the formation of these problematic biproducts - keeping biodiesel fresh and extending its shelf-life. Ensures biodiesel meets national standards for oxidation stability e.g. EN 14214
Baynox Plus
Baynox Solution - Recommended for biodiesel produced from used cooking oils or rapeseed oil. Liquid form makes dosing and mixing simple.
Baynox® Plus
Baynox Plus Solution - Effective for all types of biodiesel. Particularly suited to more highly perishable types of biodiesel, such as biodiesel produced from Soy, Sunflower or Jatropha oils
  Click here to buy Baynox biodiesel stabiliser online  
Biofuel storage
Biofuel Stations
  Bunded biodiesel storage and dispensing tanks made from special biodiesel resistant grade MDPE
Biofuel Station
  • Complete with 240v Electric pump, 4m biodiesel resistant delivery hose and automatic shut off nozzle
  • 10 micron inline fuel filter
  • Lockable access to dispensing pump and fill-point
  • Electronic tank contents guage
  • Bulkhead light
  • Bund warning alarm & emergency isolation switch
  • Arctic grade systems available
  Full description and list of features can be found for the different sizes of Biofuel Station on our online shop pages
  Please click here to navigate to the Biofuel Station section of the online shop  
Desiccant tank vent dryers
  Biodiesel is hygroscopic and readily absorbs atmospheric moisture. This causes many problems including:
Desiccant tank vent dryer
  • Water causes breakdown of biodiesel by hydrolytic degradation
  • Reduced heat of combustion leading to reduced power, more smoke and harder starting
  • Corrosion of fuel system components
  • Accelerated microbial growth and consequent fuel spoilage


Desiccant breathers remove condensation from the airspace above the fluid as well as removing atmosheric moisture from air that enters the container as the fluid is decanted.
  • Can also be used for containers of other moisture sensitive substances such as ethanol (bioethanol), methanol and sodium hydroxide
  Please click here to view the range of desiccant breathers available through our online shop
Biodiesel pumps
  We supply a comprehensive range of pumps. Many are available through our online shop, but please note the online shop offers only a fraction of the complete range. If you cannot find the exact pump you are looking for there, please e-mail us with details of your application and we can almost certainly find the right pump for you.
Cube 70
Vegetable oil pumps
Flameproof pumps
Chemical pumps
  Please click here to view our online shop range of pumps
Magnetic drive pumps
IBC pumps
Drum / barrel pumps
Retail & Commercial pumps
Air driven pumps
Filtration Systems
Biodiesel filters
  Bag filtration systems are recommended for biodiesel and vegetable oil filtration. Bag filtration systems offer several advantages over cartridge systems -
PBH-410 Filtration System with Viton o-ring
Vegetable oil filters
  • Far higher flow rates achievable with lower pressure drop
  • Far higher sediment holding capacity
  • Replacement bags are significantly cheaper than cartridges
Centrifugal separators
Water absorbing filters
  Bag filtration systems are fitted with biodiesel resistant Viton o-rings

Zeolite molecular sieves

  Centrifugal Separators can be used for mechanical separation of water from either biodiesel or vegetable oils as well enabling very rapid separation of biodiesel and glycerol from the transesterification process. We supply enhanced safety separators with ATEX certified explosion protected motors and inert gas purge facility.
  Mechanical separation of water from biodiesel, whether by gravity or centrifuge, does not remove dissolved water. Further drying is required. An effective way to dry biodiesel is by passing it through a fixed bed of synthetic Zeolite molecular sieve beads. Our specially manufactured Zeolite is resistant to biodiesel process chemicals and will hold 18% of its dry weight in water. 3A Zeolite can also be used to dry recovered methanol as well as for the production of ahnydrous ethanol and solvents.
Centrifugal Separator
    Click here to navigate to the filtration section of the online shop
Microbial contamination treatment
PureFuel Systems
  Growth of micro-organisms is more of a problem with biofuels than with conventional fuels. Both biodiesel and bioethanol are hygroscopic and actively absorb atmospheric moisture which creates suitable conditions for microbes to breed. Sludges form and generally the first effect to be seen is fuel filter blockages. The sludges can accumulate elsewhere in the fuel system and cause more serious engine problems... FuelMag
    The use of toxic biocides is becoming increasingly regulated and banned outright in many countries. The environmental effects of many such biocides are far from being in keeping with the green credentials of biofuels. PureFuel Systems offer an effective solution to microbial contamination and obviate the need for biocidal additives.
    PureFuel Systems have been used in marine diesel applications for many years where water contamination and therefore microbial growth are more of an issue.
    The PureFuel Conditioner achieves its effect by subjecting the fuel to an intense magnetic field. This triggers a process of plasmolysis and ultimately causes the cells to burst. The remnants are small enough to pass through the fuel filter and then will be burned as fuel by the engine.
    Click here to navigate to the PureFuel Conditioners section of the online shop  
Biodiesel dry washing and ion-exchange resins
Biodiesel purification
  The full range of Lewatit GF resins are offered. The most popular resin, GF202 for biodiesel purification, can be bought in 25 litre bags through our online shop. Lewatit ion-exchange resins
    Lewatit ® GF101 : Sulphonic acid resin - for pretreatment of high FFA triglyceride feedstock. GF101 converts fatty acids into biodiesel esters.
    Lewatit ® GF202: Regenerable biodiesel purification resin - removes glycerol and soaps from biodiesel.
    Lewatit ® GF303, GF404 & GF505: Purification of glycerol co-product
    Lewatit ® GF707: Further purification of biodiesel - removal of glycerine, soaps and traces of water. Used in conjunction with GF202, particularly for biodiesel with high concentrations of soaps.
    Click here to navigate to the GF resins section of the online shop  
Other components
    Custom sizes upto 40,000 litres
    316 stainless steel construction
    Pump mixing or flame-proof agitator assembly
    Steam heated or flame proof immersion heater(s)
    Temperature, Pressure & Vacuum gauges, Graduated sight tube
    Ports for process control sensors & process control ancillaries
    (tank level, temperature, pressure, pH etc.)
    Also available :-
    - Lagged, dual-skinned steam jacketed helitank
    - Immersed steam coils  
    - Heat exchanger panel  
    (Custom features tailored to individual requirements)  
Oil press equipment   Full range of oil screw presses & filter presses


- From 2 to 150 tonnes per day capacity
    - Complete systems supplied with all necessary ancillaries
Motors   - Extensive range available through our online store
    - ATEX certified motors for Ex hazardous area use :-
    - Flameproof / explosion protected motors - E Ex d / E Ex de - Zone 1 / Zone 2 up to T4
    - Increased safety - E Ex e - Zone 1 / Zone 2 up to T3
    - Short delivery time, most sizes available ex-stock basis
    - Many available to buy online
  ...Heating solutions to suit any system...
Drum & container heaters
- Insulated jacket heaters for drums, barrels, IBCs and tanks
Flameproof / ATEX certified immersion heaters
- Flameproof / ATEX certified immersion heaters for process vessels
- Many available to buy online
  Buy online
Pipe mixers
  - Static pipe mixers significantly increase the speed and efficiency of pump mixing processes
    - Can be used to feed methoxide into vegetable oil as it is recirculated through the pipe
    - A series of 3 or 4 elements within the pipe split the stream of liquid and create vortices and shearing effects. The elements are arranged to generate vortices in opposite directions to the adjacent elements. This clockwise / anticlockwise motion ensures the liquid mixture leaving the pipe is homogeneous.
Pipe mixers
    - 316 Stainless construction
    Range of sizes from 1" - 4" diameter (25mm-100mm)
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Laboratory /
Laboratory equipment
Analytical Equipment   - Metering equipment
    - Titration
    - Quality control
    Wide range available - if you can't find what you require through our online store, please contact us with your requirements
    Buy online
Other ancillaries


ATEX agitator


One of the first books to draw attention to biodiesel - A good place to start learning about the technology
(Click images of books for more information)
The most authorative reference book about biodiesel available.
A compilation of up-to-date information by biodiesel experts from around the world.
A highly recommended book...
Expert advice relating to biodiesel, its chemistry and plant engineering
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