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Biofuel Systems was formed with the aim of bringing biofuels into the mainstream. Our core business is providing specialist biodiesel supplies.

We design and build complete biodiesel processing systems - always manufactured to meet the highest safety requirements such as ATEX and capable of producing biodiesel to meet all recognised standards including EN14214 / ASTM 6751.

Biodiesel additives and a range of specialized equipment is available through our online shop. If there is anything you are unable to find here, or would like information about bulk purchasing, then please contact us directly.

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Other services include:


Consultancy - expert advice relating to biodiesel, its chemistry and plant engineering

      Special projects - extensive experience and broad capabilities in the fields of development engineering, electronics and process automation means we are able to assist with an almost unlimited array of special projects including biofuel power generation and pilot plant work.    
      The company is committed to further research into biodiesel, biofuels and other renewable energy technologies    

Biofuel Systems Group Limited is registered in England. Registered Company number: 05458942

Registered Office: Beech Croft, 51 Ruff Lane, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England, L39 4UL
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