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  Perhaps the best online resource for the home biodiesel producer - extensive section about biodiesel.  
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  National Biodiesel Board. Latest biodiesel news from the US and general biodiesel information.
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  Click here to view the latest biofuel news stories from Google    
  Biofuel suppliers / biodiesel suppliers
  Locations of biodiesel filling stations in the UK    
  Morrisons was the UK's first petrol retailer to open a Bioethanol E85 pump. List of stores where you can fill up...   Ethanol / bioethanol
      E85 - 85% ethanol 15% petroleum - for biofuel cars such as Saab BioPower and vehicles converted to run on bioethanol    
  Overseas partners
Celtic Power
  North American distribution partner for the Wintron range of biodiesel cold flow additives.   (USA and Canada)
  Group companies
  Solar Turtle   Specialising in solar backpacks / photovoltaic chargers for handheld devices    
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